Reiki Sessions

Each session includes a short 5 to 10 minute discussion up front to identify areas of need and a post session de-brief to share information and make any relevant recommendations.

A One-Hour session is $70.00.

A Thirty five Minute session is $45.00.

A substantial discount is given for purchasing a package of three one hour sessions

Your first session is $65.00

Your second session is $60.00

Your third session is $55.00

Just like exercise, participating only once will not produce many benefits. That is why doing 3 Reiki sessions, a week apart, is a good way to jump start the healing process.

If you have been diagnosed with a chronic health challenge, I offer a sliding scale fee to accommodate frequent visits.

Location Of Reiki Services

Entourage Clinical Services, 700 N. Lake St. Mundelein, Il

Structural Balance, 652 N. First Bank Dr. Palatine, Il

In home appointments

You can schedule a session by either emailing me at or calling 847-494-5441.




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